Why Practice Karate Kihon?

Watch almost any martial arts movie from yesteryear and you’ll witness a tsunami of bad acting and fantastical abilities. From catching bullets to breathing fire and everything in between. The plot almost always follows one man’s struggle against the odds to avenge his <<insert favorite family member’s>> death. Frequently the hero will be surrounded by…

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Develop Your Weak Side

How many karate-ka does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. But he’ll do it 10,000 times with his right hand, then 10,000 times with his left. (This is the part where you laugh.) In all seriousness as much as we karate-ka like to think we are equally proficient on both sides of…

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Removing Boredom from Basic Repetitions

You know as well as I that student boredom is the number one reason for students to quit karate. As karate instructors we have the responsibility to keep our students motivated, focused and working hard. However some students would rather watch paint dry than do basic reps. BORING! So how do you keep your class interested and…

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