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You were never taught HOW to teach

Sure you learned the technical aspects of your style and earned your black belt...

But knowing how to teach and structure great classes takes 1,000's of hours of trial and error.


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Happy Instructors

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"I am so glad I found you as many times, as a new senpai, I haven't a clue where to start when my Sensei asks me to fill in on a childrens class. I have even impressed other senpais as they watched me teach. Many of the exercises I use they have never seen and wonder how I got so good."

- Frank Spinale
Camarillo Shotokan
United States

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"Jason, I have been using the drills during my sparring classes for the past six weeks, and they have pumped new life into a dull routine.... Thanks."

-Jim Doan (KarateViewpoints)
Western Karate Academy

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“I have a club for over 7 Years now and since using your teaching drills and games… I have now opened up a 2nd club this year and now have over 60 students on my books. I always have had an open mind and what is great about your posts…drills…games is that it can be used in any style of Martial Arts, All I have to do is just rename them to our techniques from our syllabus”

- Kevin Arblaster
Kyushindo Karate
Oxfordshire, UK.

Hey! I'm Jason Stanley.

Since owning a thriving dojo since 2003, I set out to help martial arts instructors become better teachers.

Why? Well, just because we might black belts in our art, it doesn't automatically make us black belts when it comes to instructing.

Feeling something was missing, in 2005 I looked outside of the dojo to learn how to teach and become a Certified Professional Trainer. I learned how to present and train hundreds of people at once, for large corporate events and seminars.

It's when I combined that knowledge with what I'd learned inside the dojo that made all the difference.

I hope you'll join me!