50 Kids Karate Games

Makes learning fun and teaching martial arts to kids easy.

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Kids Get Bored Easily

If only we could get them to pay attention.

But learning to teach kids requires a LOT of trial and error. Mostly error.


50 Kids Karate Games

It makes learning fun and teaching easy.

And effortlessly applied to every class.

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Here's a Quick Example

What's the Time Sensei Wolf?

Students make a line on one side of the room in their forward stance (or whatever you decide), and must cross the room performing the specified technique – for example, step forward punch. You are “Sensei Wolf” and stand in the middle of the room.

When you raise your hand, that’s the command for your students to ask you, “What’s the time Sensei Wolf?”

Now you respond with a number between 1 and 12, and your class must then do that number of the specified technique across the room.

Eg. If you say “It’s 4 O’clock”, that means the class must make 4 steps with punches.

The game continues until you respond “It’s Dinner Time!” at which point your students must run back to their starting positions without being captured by you, the Wolf.

Every student who is captured must do 10 pushups. You can also send kids back to the start if their stance or technique is not up to standard.

More than 50 more skill building kids karate games are waiting for you...

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Or do nothing and continue losing students to boredom.

Happy Instructors

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"I am so glad I found you as many times, as a new senpai, I haven't a clue where to start when my Sensei asks me to fill in on a childrens class. I have even impressed other senpais as they watched me teach. Many of the exercises I use they have never seen and wonder how I got so good."

- Frank Spinale
Camarillo Shotokan
United States

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"Your e-book is very helpful to me. I teach a beginner class in a small town in Norway consisting of 19 kids in the age from 6 – 12 years. I always use when planing my class. I am also part of a training group that teaches mma for a youth class, and i might as well get a copy of you e-book 100 + Karate Drills."

-Knut Ove Ronning

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“I have a club for over 7 Years now and since using your teaching drills and games… I have now opened up a 2nd club this year and now have over 60 students on my books. I always have had an open mind and what is great about your posts…drills…games is that it can be used in any style of Martial Arts, All I have to do is just rename them to our techniques from our syllabus”

- Kevin Arblaster
Kyushindo Karate
Oxfordshire, UK.

More than 50 more skill building kids karate games are waiting for you...

50 Kids Karate Games

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Hey! I'm Jason Stanley.

Since 2003 I've taught over 20,000 classes (20/wk). Approximately 80% of those have been kids aged 5 to 15 years.

What I discoverd is that you can't teach kids the same way you teach adults. I guarantee you when you start teaching kids in a way that kids relate to, you'll start on the path to becoming a better instructor.

50 Kids Karate Games starts you on that path.

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